Seminole Walls specializes in fence, building, wall building and the StoneTree™ Fence-Wall System.

We offer:

Our Services:
  • Architectural Design Consulting
  • PSP & Permitting Assistance
  • Subdivision Screening Walls
  • Residential Privacy Walls
  • Retaining Walls
  • Painting
  • Signage Lettering & Logos
  • Decorative Fencing and Gates
  • Demolition Work
  • Job Site Trash Removal
  • Final Grading
  • Perm-crete sealer/staining
  • Permitting
  • General Contracting
...your precast concrete "stacked stone" has gotten rave reviews from not only our residents but those of neighboring communities as well as the County Commissioner...
The aesthetics, strength and beauty of this wall are more than this neighborhood ever dreamed of...

Dee DeLoy
President/ Rio Pinar Woods HOA

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StoneTree™ Fence-Walls install safely and fast once the footings have been constructed. After installation the walls are colored, providing a majestic aesthetic finish which will compliment all architectural building styles. We hope that the StoneTree™ products can fulfill any upcoming project requirements that you have been working on.

StoneTree™ Fence-Wall Systems produce a 15 foot long panel wall section with integrated columns. The fence-walls are available in 6 and 8 foot heights and have a highly textured form finish on both sides.

We are very pleased to inform you that the StoneTree™ Fence-Wall System is now available in the states of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Seminole Walls is located in Oviedo, Florida and can be reached at 407.366.9290.

Our Mission Statement

Seminole Walls' continuing quest for "Quality and Reliability" has enabled us to build a reputation that is known in the construction industry. On each endeavor that Seminole Walls embarks upon, we are adamant that the values and ethics we pride ourselves on are presented in each and every product or service we provide.

Seminole Walls knows the value of teamwork and communication, which is vital to every industry but is especially important in the construction industry. Our goals are to provide our clients with the knowledge and experience that makes them secure in their decision to employ Seminole Walls, provide unrivaled customer service from initial design stage to job completion, provide production pacing and management that is unmatched in our industry, and create a quality of work that becomes the standard of excellence.

Those are our goals which are strived to be met every day. Our vision for the future is to keep perfecting our products for the value of the client, strive to meet the goals we have set forth, and to carry these values along with their ethics to every project.

If these are qualities you look for in your contractors...look no further you have found it here.


The Seminole Walls Team.

Seminole Walls, LLC
1726 west broadway street
Oviedo, florida 32765


Precast Dry Stackstone
StoneTreeā„¢ Concrete Fence-Walls are available in a dry stacked stone texture. The stone texture is on both sides of the wall...

Precast Splitface Block
StoneTree™ Concrete Fence-Walls are also available in a split-face block design. The rugged texture is natural in appearance and has the split-face texture on both the front...

New! Sand-Stucco Finished Walls
StoneTree™ Concrete Fence-Walls are now offered with a Sand-Stucco Finish. The precast wall sections are vertically cast integrating a highly defined texture on BOTH sides of the wall.

Stand Alone Columns
Precast stand-alone columns are available in 6 and 8 foot heights. The columns can have either a dry stackstone or split-face block finish...